Management Team

The Management Team oversees the Physical Plant, Financials, Personnel, Planning, and Legal issues. Each of these functions are handled by one or more committees. This allows as many people, using their gifts and skills, to benefit the Church body.  Our Management Team interacts with each of the other teams activities to make sure there is adequate funding, equipment, space, and help as needed to see that it is as successful as possible. 

Budget Committee ~ annually work with the Team Leaders to determine the next years financial needs. 
Trustees ~ a Trustee is an elected position that oversees contracts.
Personnel Team ~ a group that is called together whenever wages, benefits, disputes or employee changes require attention.
Buildings & Grounds ~ a group needed to evaluate maintenance and improvement needs of the church. Accomplish necessary repairs and/or changes to existing facilities. The members also do short term planning for both maintenance and improvements with a one to three year view.
Long Term ~ planning and vision a diverse group that represents all areas of church life. Their task is to work with leadership with a 5 – 10 year view of ministry and worship support needs.